All You Need To Know About Lotto Puzzles

Lotto Puzzles 2 Cover

Lotto Puzzles 2 has officially just been printed and sent out to our fantastic readers. It has only been a matter of days and some of you have already sent your answer sheets back in! That is serious record breaking puzzling. We have received so many lovely messages from you it has been truly over whelming and makes writing future editions of the magazines such a joy. We have taken on board what you are saying too and are making changes to accommodate your wants and needs.

If you have anything else to add you can always email or write to us at:

Puzzlers Club,

287-291, Cranbrook House

Banbury Road



We are now including a ‘how to’ for a different puzzle in each edition and a fact file about the theme of the magazine. This is not only something you have suggested, but something that makes the magazine so much more fun to write for the editors. We also include the fantastic causes you and your lotto money is funding. From making future sports stars to helping the less fortunate, it is making a HUGE difference. We hope you continue to enjoy reading the magazine, answering puzzles and winning prizes and much as we love making the magazine!

A Lotto Puzzles 3, with additional content will be publishing and sent to your door in June.

Kind regards,