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The Puzzlers Club

We’ve always wanted to build a Puzzlers Club to give readers the challenge of completing up to 700 free puzzles, competing in an on-line community with other puzzlers to win prizes, and testing their knowledge and reasoning powers to the full.

We also recognize that most Puzzlers enjoy having a physical printed magazine, so were constantly added to our portfolio of magazines to bring new and varied titles to you. We offer a variety of magazines to suit all tastes, which you can pay for on a monthly or annual basis.

The Puzzlers Club brings this to life, and along with our Partners, offers the puzzling community something that we believe is truly unique. We hope you enjoy the experience and wish you the very best of luck.

the puzzlers club

Customer Promise

The team at The Puzzlers Club have some very important core values which are at the heart of everything we do. Our company vision is based on the beliefs of Gottlieb Daimler when he founded Mercedes Benz over a century ago. Translated to English it says ’The Best or Nothing At All’.

We believe that doing puzzle magazines should be challenging and fun, and that you should have the best chances of winning worthwhile competition prizes. That’s our job.

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customer promise