Author: Juergen May

Lotto Puzzles 2 Cover

All You Need To Know About Lotto Puzzles

Lotto Puzzles 2 has officially just been printed and sent out to our fantastic readers. It has only been a matter of days and some of you have already sent your answer sheets back in! That is serious record breaking puzzling. We have received so many lovely messages from you it has been truly over whelming and makes writing future editions of the magazines such a joy. We have taken on board what you are saying too and are making…

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A Delightful Surprise

‘Dear Sir/Madam. What a delightful surprise it was to get your letter to tell me I had won a prize in one of the competitions. There was also book which made it even better! Having bought the magazines for years, I sent in the competitions, I decided that I was never going to win. I’ve always checked out the answers in the following magazines and I always found them correct so wondered why any prizes didn’t come out way! Having…

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Puzzler - puzzles are good for you.

Never Stop Learning

Puzzles are good for you! “Dear  Team. Thank you so much for the three prizes that I won last year from your magazines. A £25 cheque, an avocado slicer (wonderful gadget) and a £30 cheque. I feel I have been a very lucky person and winning these prizes has cheered me up. I really do love doing all the magazines that I have and enjoy the different subject areas that they cover – sometimes finding them quite challenging. I was a…

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