Customer Letter


26th June 2018

Dear Customer,

I’m writing to you because I have been made aware that Alastair and his team at Prize Magazines has sadly ceased trading. Prize Magazines was an authorised distributor of our Lotto Puzzles magazine, however this agreement was terminated on 30th May. The Puzzlers Club is an independent organisation, and with the exception of the historic distribution agreement for Lotto Puzzles, has no ongoing relationship with Prize Magazines.

Please be assured that because The Puzzlers Club is completely independent, ALL subscriptions to our Lotto Puzzles magazine purchased through Prize Magazines are safe, and that

The Puzzlers Club will honour ALL subscriptions to Lotto Puzzles IN FULL.

The Puzzlers Club operates a Future Magazine Fund to safeguard our customers and facilitate the delivery of future publications. The majority of money collected when our customers take out multiple-year subscriptions is deposited into this fund to ensure that we can meet all our future obligations.

I’m pleased to say that The Puzzlers Club plans to offer jobs to some of the staff made redundant by Prize Magazines, this will help us to grow our operation and in time we look forward to offering a wider range of puzzle books and magazines to our Members.

Please do not hesitate to call the office on 01865 952770, email, or write to me including your phone number, at the address below if I can be of any help.

I should emphasise that I can only discuss subscriptions for our own products.

For all matters relating to Prize Magazines and their publications please contact them directly.

With Kind Regards


Alan Mackenzie-Wintle

Founder – The Puzzlers Club