Never Stop Learning

Puzzler - puzzles are good for you.

Puzzles are good for you!

“Dear  Team. Thank you so much for the three prizes that I won last year from your magazines. A £25 cheque, an avocado slicer (wonderful gadget) and a £30 cheque. I feel I have been a very lucky person and winning these prizes has cheered me up. I really do love doing all the magazines that I have and enjoy the different subject areas that they cover – sometimes finding them quite challenging. I was a teacher for many years and I always told my pupils that “you never stop learning”, and that has proved really true for me by taking part in your magazine puzzles. I am always recommending them to my friends and I do hope that they take up the offers. Even in our Doctor’s surgery the other day a lady asked where did I get the magazines from so I obviously gave her your address and explained the different magazines that you produce. I hate waiting for appointments so always have one or two of the magazines in my handbag to pass the time away!! I was amazed to see ‘Lucky Break’ and ‘Puzzles Galore’ had reached their 250th anniversary having been a founder member for both these magazines. Once again, thank you for the prizes. They are the bonus to taking part and keeping my brain active. Yours sincerely. “
Mrs M Jones, Shrewsbury