The Team at The Puzzlers Club have some very important core values which are at the heart of everything we do. Our company vision is based on the beliefs of Gottlieb Daimler when he founded Mercedes Benz over a century ago. Translated to English it says ’The Best or Nothing’. We believe that doing puzzle magazines should be challenging and fun, and that you should have the best chances of winning worthwhile competition prizes. That’s our job.

Our Books and Magazines

Our editorial team have a combined experience of over 30 years writing puzzle based magazines and setting enjoyable and challenging puzzles. They have set over 1 million puzzles over the years and have overseen giving away nearly £5 million pounds worth of competition prizes. The Puzzlers Club offers a different experience to the mass produced formulaic magazines you can buy in supermarkets and newsstands which offer great headline prizes with miniscule chances of winning. Our products are printed on high quality paper from sustainable sources, and every magazine we produce is personalised and delivered directly to your door via Royal Mail.

Our Customer Care

At The Puzzlers Club, we believe that we should treat our customers and members with respect and care. We aim to return phone calls promptly, and respond to emails or letters within 24 hours. We aim to despatch magazines and books within 48 hours of receiving an order. We welcome feedback from our readers, and positively encourage engagement and interaction with our Puzzlers. Many of our readers are senior citizens and we recognise this in the way that we serve them.

Our Prizes

We aim to pay out or deliver all prizes within 7 days of notification. We want our prizes to be valuable and relevant, so we choose them very carefully. If you decide not to receive your prize, we will donate it to our chosen charity which is The Alzheimer’s Society.

Our Sales Promise

We realise that investing in puzzle magazines can be a daunting experience, so we have a code of conduct which all our Team sign up to. We are committed to ensuring that all our sales staff act responsibly, are able to understand how to pick up signs of a vulnerable customer, and understand how best to handle all situations with care and respect. We aim never to sell to anyone who is vulnerable, and will politely ask our customers for their Date of Birth so that we can ensure that we don’t sell them subscriptions that take them beyond the age of 85 without their express permission to do so. The Puzzlers Club has a clear cancellation policy, which gives every customer the right to cancel their order within 14 days of purchase. If you want to cancel an order after that, we will consider each request individually, and in the event that a refund is made, we will deduct all reasonable costs we have incurred.

A full transcript of our Customer Sales Promise is available here